Motorbike rental service

Good motorbike, good local guy, service is very friendly.

Motorbike and car rental procedures


With Car Rental Service in Quang Binh, you can rent a car with very simple procedures:

You only need to put your ID card or passport (or other alternative documents such as driving license …)

– One day is counted for 24 hours;

– Morning from 6h to 7h30, you pay the car still counts a day;

– Discount for many car rental or many days and to the place;

– You can agree on the time go and pay off as you like.


– Car delivery.

– Serve enthusiasm.

– The car is new and beautiful.

– Guaranteed lowest prices.

– Change your car if you have a need.


– Compliance with contractual agreements and road traffic laws.

– When you drive to a fork or intersection, you should notice at the road closed to motor traffic, one-way streets. Parking stops must be parked inside the white line of the curb (in the city) then lock to store cars and helmets carefully.

– There are many places for renting cars, posting prices and competitive times of the same type of car in the market, but it has the poor quality of cars and poor service

– To find places to eat, tourist, shopping souvenirs are good quality price, you should refer to local people.

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– Address: 377 lý thường kiệt, Đồng Hới City, Name’s office: QUẢNG BÌNH motorbike rental

– Deliver and collect the vehicle to your hotel, train station and bus station.
– The timely repair of any faults occurring or found to be present during the period of hire
– To replace the vehicle should mechanical failure render it unserviceable
– Free helmet, detail map, show the way and note beautiful places on the maps